Hello! I’m Sheila.

As an entrepreneur, as a woman who works from home, and a single mother, I often feel alone in my efforts. I know that many women are struggling to find trusted resources to achieve their goals.

I created YES! Women’s NetworkTM to inspire and instruct women around the world in skills that will help them start, build, or grow a business or move up the latter of the corporate world.

We have brought in the best instructors to contribute to our always free platform just for you. Together, we can all raise our quality of life and income.

Sheila J Logan
Creator | Speaker | Podcaster | Mentor

It’s time to find REAL YOU and nurture her through our trusted resources and become the best YOU possible!

Our Mission

YES! Women’s Network is a top-tier networking community of female professionals supporting and lifting each other. Women in our network and other women’s networks provide trusted and reputable resources that empower other members to succeed in business and life.

It’s a place where women can learn how to start, grow, or build an online business or climb the corporate latter with our instructors and contributors who are industry experts.

We provide the strategies, resources, and tools women need to grow and scale their careers to new heights. Ultimately we will help women thrive where they are and find strength in themselves and in each other.

World Wide Community of Women

There are opportunities for women leaders around the globe to share their knowledge by contributing to our always free online membership and through networking efforts within the community.

We are in 68 countries around the globe and are striving to become the largest trusted network focused on connecting and support women leaders.

Our brand ambassadors and local ambassadors, along with our mentorship, will be able to hold local events and meetings for deeper connection and support.

Both on and offline events will be held on a global and local level as our network facilitates strong connections.

We also, on a more personal level, inspire, embrace, encourage, and when needed carry each other as we find and achieve our divine power in ourselves, our families, those around us, and our businesses.

Integrity, strength, bravery, love, and kindness are the foundations of everything we do.

We give voice to women’s stories, share a safe place for education, provide opportunities for growth and sharing, and we build relationships locally in our own communities as well as across the borders.

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Having mentors in my life has been my lifesaver in more ways than one. For myself personally and for my business, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. If you are feeling stuck, then let’s chat and figure out how YES! Women’s Network can benefit you and your life.