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We don't know about you, but we see so much deception in our world. Especially on social media! It seems like everyone we know is a coach, a mentor, or they have something to sell. Sometimes it seems like all we see are people who want my money.

How do you weed through it all and know what to trust? Are you tired of entering your email for a free thing that will change your life only to get a one-page checklist that is useless? Have you paid for a service or product and had it let you down? Us too! That's a big reason why we started YES! Women's Network.

Sheila J Davis, Founder

You are Not Alone

We are bringing together some of the very best coaches, mentors, trainers, and outstanding women and men that I know to help you find, create, and achieve your dreams. You can rest assured that YES! is a trusted resource and that you are NOT ALONE.

We have thousands of dollars worth of training on our site for one low monthly fee. As a free or paid member, you'll be able to contact any instructor you love directly at no additional cost. It's kind of like "try it before you buy it" support, training, and education.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Our Goals


Through our interview series, "YES! Women of Strength" we give women a place to share their stories of strength and overcoming those difficult "Oh crap!" moments in life. These stories inspire, support, uplift, and strengthen women around the world as they are read or viewed.


We provide opportunities for scholarships and sponsorships to support women who are members of the Network. These funding opportunities go both ways, contribute to them when you are on the YES stage of your life and receive from them when you are in the Oh crap stage of your life.


We provide many opportunities to learn through live and virtual events and training provided exclusively by members of the Network. We also provide opportunities for those who want to be instructors to offer their courses here on our platform to reach a global community.


Live Life LIVE! Having a strong community is paramount to our nature. We are stronger when we are together, especially when we are together in real life... in person... where we can really support each other. We provide a strong community and networking opportunities for all members both virtually and in LIVE person.

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Having coaching in my life has been my lifesaver in more ways than one. For myself personally and for my business, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. If you are feeling stuck, then let’s chat and figure out how YES! Women’s Network can benefit you and your life.