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Statistic You May Not Know About Women

Thank you to KUTV and Fresh Living for having me on for this quick discussion. I had a ton of fun and hope to be visiting again very soon.


*Article credit to KUTV (see original post)

(KUTV) Salt Lake City – Founder of YES! Women’s Network, Sheila J. Davis, joined Kari & Dave on Fresh Living to talk about the purpose of YES! Women’s Network, the upcoming Mom’s Conference in Logan, and 3 Powerful Secrets to the Joy of You.

Sheila writes, “Women gladly take on the role of daughter, friend, wife, mother, and others that we love. This is a huge part of who we are and it’s a very important part. It changes us each time we come to a new stage in life and it’s wonderful! However, the average woman spends less than an hour and a half on themselves each week! That’s about 17 minutes a day. 51% of women say they don’t even do that. How can we be our best if that’s all we do for ourselves? To be the best at all of the things we love being, we must also be our very best self and find the joy of it. You know the saying: “Mom’s mood rules the house…” Well, what if mom felt the joy within herself every day?”

“There are 3 Powerful Secrets that can help women accomplish finding the JOY of being who they are in everyday life. When I told my daughter, who is not yet a mother about these secrets, she said, “Oh mom, everyone knows that.” I told her that yes, we all know these secrets, but we have put them so far down on the list of things we need to do that we have actually forgotten that we know them and that they are important. It’s time to bring the secrets back into the light. The first Powerful Secret we have forgotten is YOU. The little girl inside of you with the big dreams is still there, the dreams you had when you were a teenager are still there, the activities that you love doing when your life became about everything and everyone else is still there, and it’s okay to let YOU out.”

“It was like in that movie The Run Away Bride, she didn’t know what kind of eggs she liked because she just started eating and enjoying the kind of eggs that her boyfriends liked. She didn’t take the time to really find out what she truly enjoyed. Once she took just a few minutes to try different things and allow herself to listen to herself she was able to learn something about herself that she had not known or that she had forgotten. We make certain dinners for our families because we know they love that meal, we go out to eat at places that our friends or husbands love, we watch movies that our children like, etc. We do this because we love our family and it’s what we do and it’s important. So, outside of these decisions we have to make for those we love and support, what do we truly love and what do we truly find joy in each day for ourselves?”

The first step in finding the JOY of being YOU may sound simple, and yet it will surprise you how hard it is. The first step is YOU. Simply put, it’s time to stand up and introduce yourself to you again. Do this by re-reading old journals, thinking back to when you were little and what you wanted to do when you grew up, writing down lists of things that you forgot you loved or that you did, and one of the most important is putting you first every day. Set a morning routine that will work for you. I know what it’s like when you have 5 babies at home. You’re thinking: ‘There is no way I have time for myself in the morning.’ Well, there is, but it may seem hard at first. Get up just 15 minutes earlier and do something for yourself. It could be to wash your face so you feel refreshed, it could be to have a cup of hot chocolate in the quite of the morning, it could be to read for 10 minutes from a favorite book, it could be anything that you love or that could help you spend just 15 minutes with yourself in the morning. Which, by the way, will give you an additional hour and a half, thus doubling the time you’ve probably been spending doing something for yourself each week.”

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