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Sheila J Logan

Founder | Speaker | Podcaster | Facilitator

Sheila Logan is a Professional Speaker, Podcaster, Facilitator, and Business Flipper.

She’s the creator of YES! Women’s Network, Lock n’ Load Marketing, and The Messy Back-End Podcast.

Sheila is a survivor! What gets her out of bed in the morning is inspiring women through sharing her personal experiences of trials that have helped her overcome darkness and rise up into the light.

She loves working with women to help them overcome trials and struggles they deal with through facilitating a change mentally, emotionally, and tactically.

We all know that the back-end is where most businesses fail. She helps entrepreneurs clean up the messy back-ends of their businesses saving them time, making them money, and leading them to succeed. Basically, she flips businesses like realtors flip houses!

Known to her friends and family as The Wonder Woman, she is a survivor on a mission with a true purpose and passion to achieve ALL THE THINGS…

“Really motivational! Can not tell you how many times I either cried or bit my lip. Powerful yet honest. Loved it!” – Melania

Lori Karpman

COO | Speaker | Trainer
Business & Marketing Coach

“I can honestly say that she is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word. She is engaging, honest, and extremely well versed in all aspects of franchising. A true professional at what she does and would highly recommend her work.” – Rob

Lori Karpman is CEO of Lori Karpman & Company, multi-award-winning management consulting and legal services firm, and Coach Lori an executive coaching practice. Lori is a sought-after speaker and prolific writer with over 30 years of real-world business experience to share having owned over half a dozen successful businesses.

Lori writes and speaks on topics relating to business and her personal struggles and challenges, through disease, divorce, death, and financial strife. A natural survivor, Lori inspires others to reach their peak potential through her coaching programs and public appearances.

Nyn Nageen

Speaker | Author | Instructor
Business Strategist | Coach

Nageen Riffat is a business strategist, coach & key-note speaker. Her business coaching modules are focused to identify the key steps entrepreneurs must take to advance into positions of influence and leadership.

She specializes in start-up and scale-up projects for small and mid-sized businesses. From the concept to actualization, she works in every step of the way with her clients in writing a business plan,crafting a strong brand design (logo, website, marketing collaterals etc), structuring marketing plans, ROI calculations and many other areas to achieve phenomenal growth and success in their dream businesses.