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The noise of the Internet has gotten so loud and fast. How can you stand out, get noticed, be hire, and be known as an influencer?

By collaborating with YES! Women’s Network and the #IAmYou Movement for a combined reach of over 500,000 women each month.

Your Reach with Us

Total reach is 500K/mo in over 70 Countries

YES! Women’s Network Reach is 200K/mo
IAmYou Network Reach is 300K/mo

  • 5 Facebook Pages
  • 3 Facebook Groups
  • 2 Instagram Accounts
  • 2 LinkedIn Accounts
  • 2 Pinterest Accounts
  • 2 Membership websites with backlinks
  • 2 large email lists
  • 1 Radio Show
  • 1 Podcast (Launch TBA)

Let us help you get the visibility that you need to be an influencer in your industry.

GOLD Package

The time is NOW to stand out and the best way to do this is to collaborate …

GOLD Package

The time is NOW to stand out and the best way to do this is to collaborate …

Collaborate with Us

Kind, a good heart and motivated – Sheila is meant to be doing what she is doing and can help your business go leaps and bounds!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Really motivational. Can not tell you how many times I either cried or bit my lip. Powerful yet honest. Loved it!

I love the way Sheila presents and makes everything so very do-able. She motivates you and genuinely wants you to succeed!

When I listen to her speak, her love of the subject matter shines through and it’s very motivating. She has a friendly and personable way of speaking and she never makes you feel like you’ve asked a dumb question. Her enthusiasm can’t help but draw you in and make you want to know more.

Sheila’s Speaking Topics

AUTO-PILOT BIZ: Create an income-generating powerhouse by setting your business on auto-pilot

[SIGNATURE PRESENTATION] Remember why you started your business in the first place? I bet it wasn’t to run the back end of your business right? Being a business owner doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, but most entrepreneurs don’t know it. Why? Because they started out wanting to change the lives of their customers, not run a business.

Growing your business is a worthy goal and necessary for your business survival and your economic well-being and sanity! Create an income-generating powerhouse by setting your business on auto-pilot. I’ve built 4 successful businesses of my own and helped my clients go from solopreneur to CEO, along with having big business growth and financial success and I’ll show you how to do it step by step.

Great for entrepreneurs and real estate agents. Sheila has more than 20 years experience as a licensed real estate assistant both in office and virtual. She has inside experience assisting real estate agents with the move into using a team of assistants to double or more their annual sales while making more time for their families. She took this experience with her into the entrepreneur world creating and developing a system that turns solopreneurs into CEOs and increasing sales along the way.

The Power of YOU

[SIGNATURE PRESENTATION | KEYNOTE] Will the real YOU please stand up? Find out who you really are and create true JOY in your life and for those around you. When YOU are taking care of yourself and serving your purpose the possibilities are endless!

Great for women’s groups, young women’s groups, entrepreneurs, corporate audiences and customer support staff. If your team is losing steam or they aren’t as engaged as you would like, let’s help them find the joy in themselves so they can bring it to your office and get things rolling again! Your clients and customers will love your staff if they love themselves! Also, great for high schoolers, real estate offices, and entrepreneurs who have lost the light in their eyes and need a boost!

Overcoming the Team Gap

What do you do when you can’t grow without a team, but you don’t have the money for a team, but you can’t make it to the next step without a team and you’re burning out because you’re working yourself to the bone and you can’t even remember why you started your business anyway… It’s time to overcome the Team Gap!

Great for both entrepreneurs and real estate agents looking to move into the next income level of their business. Sheila has created a system that will blow your socks off and won’t cost you a dime!

Turn Your Hobbies Into Profits

Want to make money doing what you love? Want to turn what you’re doing into a real business and quit your 9-5? It’s time to love getting out of bed every morning again and doing what you love all day… and having the money to live your dreams!

Fun for any audience, this is more like a TEDx Talk. Get motivated and excited to make some money on the side or build an empire! Either way, let’s get some money rolling into your accounts by doing what you love! Great for high school or corporate audiences as well!