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“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” -Narishma Poonwasie

Nov 2017 – All funds donated will go toward helping single moms with Christmas this year.

When I was a single mother of 3, then again of 5, some of my biggest concerns were how was I going to give my children what they needed for school clothes and school fees. How would I put gas in the car? Would we have electric next week? At one time as little as $100 would have changed my life drastically.  It felt unattainable.

Seeing my mother, a military wife, struggle on her own with 8 children and watching my brothers wife as he was deployed, gave me a strong desire to help wives and families of those in the military.

Going through two difficult divorces, anxiety, depression, medical issues, loss, family struggles the possibility of homelessness, and so much more gave me the desire to help women who find themselves in these or other difficult situations.

There are many times and seasons in a woman’s life. Sometimes a little financial help could literally change a life and sometimes there are bigger needs.

This is just a small part of why it was important to me to have a scholarship program as part of YES! I hope you will help me help others by donating to this scholarship fund. A portion of the profits from the network as well as your donations will change lives!

Thank you!
Sheila J Davis, Founder

Soon, we will be sharing the stories of those who we are able to help. Together we can make a difference!

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