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YES! Women’s Network is a global community of female entrepreneurs who are all seeking similar things… most importantly… a central place to find resources such as training and education. YES! has set out to become a trusted resource for women around the world.  The courses offered on our site are vetted and approved by us and thus women already trust them.

We invite you to join us and become one of our trusted instructors!

How does it work? Simple. Submit an application and tell us about the course you would like to offer. When your application is approved we will add you as a trusted instructor and add your course(s) to our courses site.

*All links within your course would take members to YOUR site so they can contact you directly to continue their training.

There’s nothing stopping you.

The fun legal stuff to consider.

Instructor Terms of Agreement

*Terms of Agreement: Instructors will become a Platinum Member of YES! Women’s Network including all benefits of this level of membership. Instructors will receive marketing and advertising promotions as an approved resource for YES! Women’s Network on social media, website, and in other marketing opportunities.  Instructors who offer courses for the free area will not be paid for their course. Instructors who offer courses for the paid area will be paid as an affiliate of 50/50 split of members who join with their affiliate link; 50% will be sent to instructors 30 days after it is collected; courses will remain on YES! Women’s Network for up to 1-year minimum and if they are successful Instructors may sign another year agreement; Instructors will pay a $250 onboarding fee for free courses and $500 onboarding fee for paid courses to be paid prior to the course being added. *Fee may be waived via email by the founder, Sheila J Davis; Instructors are responsible for all content in the course; Instructors are responsible to verify that the course has been uploaded and is being delivered as they requested prior to it going live and for any updates; Instructors must allow up to 10 business days for any updates or edits to the course should they request them; Instructors must provide YES! Women’s Network with an affiliate link to any paid courses they offer through links on their course or their Instructor page.

**If Sheila J Davis, founder, sent you a message on Facebook on January 6th, 2018 with an invitation to join as an instructor:

  • One onboarding fee for one free course will be waived
  • One onboarding fee for one paid course will be waived
  • You must agree to become an instructor and get us access to your training before January 15th, 2018 (This is so we can make it live prior to our launch)

By doing this you will be a part of our BIG LAUNCH of YES! Women’s Network and will also have extra marketing to your specific course during our launch.

As a bonus, you will also be able to add additional courses for 1/2 of the regular onboarding fee.