The world can be a dangerous place and it’s time to get prepared. There are so many different areas of our life where we need to be aware and cautious.


Join us for the Vernal Preparedness Expo on January 27th, 2018 to learn more and to meet us live! If you can’t make it, be sure to follow our page on FACEBOOK where we will be doing live streaming all day and sharing more tips with you throughout the entire day.

If you can’t make it also, be sure to join our group and ask questions you want us to be sure to cover in our live coverage that day or leave us a comment below. In the meantime, here are some tips from one of our speakers that we wanted to be sure to share with you.

Eric Boettcher | Survivalist | Author

Eric is award-winning triple book author and survivalist who has mastered the skills and techniques for thriving in the harshest of situations through his minimalist approach to survival. Full-time outdoorsman survivalist athlete who is also well known at abc4, Good Things Utah, Fox 31 Denver, K104, KCMJ, Cabela’s, Sportsmans Warehouse, Recreation Outlet, Bob Wards, QuickFire for his supreme survival classes. You will never look at your environment the same.

Eric shared these tips on his website about how to be prepared in your car. Especially in the winter or high heat, we need to be sure we are safe if we find ourselves stranded in our vehicle. Survival is proactive. Think ahead and you’ll be okay.

Eric says, “Your car is where you’re the most vulnerable.  Your may have your 72-Hour Kits in your house but you get in your car and guess what, that may be where you end up for quite some time or even have to spend the night.”

Tips on how to be prepared in your car:

  • Have a map – a physical map that you can use. Often times when we are in our cars we may be in a place where the GPS or Phone Coverage may not be able to help, so be sure you have a local map with you.
  • Have a compass so you can use the map. Consider a globe compass because flat compasses could get stuck. Again your phone may not be able to help if you do not have coverage.
  • 2 gallons of water that is ready to go to give you time to find water. A water filter for when you do find water. Have items that can be used to gather water as well.
  • Have food that you put in your car before you leave and then remove to a temperature controlled area after. No matter how long you’re going to be gone, be sure to take food with you. Be careful of the hotter temperatures during the summer where food could go bad and in the winter when it could get frozen.
  • Turn on your hazard lights right away.
  • Have a towel or some other form of cloth that is torn into 3 sections and hang them out of the window, to show the SOS sign. Using the 3 pieces shows that there is a problem where just one towel hanging out may not attract attention.
  • Put out as many SOS signs as you can in many different places. If surrounded by dirt make it large and put it in the dirt and use rocks or other materials so it can be seen from far away.
  • Tell someone where you’re doing and the time frame you’ll be gone. Have them check in with you through your journey to be sure you’re okay and you keep them posted.

There are tons more ideas you learn at the Vernal Preparedness Expo, on Eric’s website or in Eric’s Book.


Do you have other ideas on how we can be prepared? We welcome your comments!

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