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Blue Bottle Biz

[Access To Membership with an Affiliate ONLY Like Us!] As a member of YES! Women's Network you are able to have a free membership at Blue Bottle Biz. This is super valuable and has loads of benefits! We are blessed to be one of their valued partners. This is an open space for women who want to learn, collaborate and share ideas, suggestions, and knowledge. Talk to amongst yourselves and share knowledge! Come join us and find loads of valuable learning opportunities!

Top 10 Tips for an Organized Life

[$47 Value!]Top 10 Tips - the Easy way to start feeling more organized today! Use these free tips and discover how to: Get rid of the clutter; Eliminate those piles of paper; Get more done in less time; Reclaim control over your space; Find time for the things you really WANT to do; Have more energy (we all need this one!); Sit back, relax, and LOVE your life!

Business Analysis

[$597 Value!]Are you ready to really dive deep into your business and analyze where you need to make changes, find out how you can make more money, and even find out what you need to do to reach your next level of business or improve the culture of your business? If so, check out the Business Analysis. More than 10 years of working with clients has developed this analysis to help businesses really see where they are and how they can get to where they want to be.

Tools & Resources

[$27 Value!]Tool and resources we recommend. These are the tools and resources we use for our own businesses and for our client businesses. We know, like, and trust them! Some of the links you find here are affiliate links and if you chose to use them we may receive a small commission.

How to Videos

[$97 Value!]Here are a few techie how-to videos for some simple tech training. If there is something you would like to see added, just leave a comment. 

Ideal Client

[$97 Value!]When starting a business there is nothing more important than knowing everything about your ideal client, aka prospect. I personally didn't believe this when I first started and it took me almost 3 years in before I finally sat down and really focused on these details. Since then, and with every single one of my clients without exception, this has been the most valuable place to start before doing anything at all. Yep, even before choosing a business name, brand colors, what services to offer, etc. If you don't do this first you'll probably be doing those things and more over and over and over until you do. 

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

[$97 Value!]Sheila J Davis, Real Estate Virtual Assistant Coach, covers what it would take to become a virtual assistant for real estate agents in the United States.

TC Simple Savings Mini Course

[$97 Value!]4 Simple Steps to Setting Up a Manageable System, Never Paying Full Price, Avoiding Marketing Ploys Stop overspending! Learn the shopping strategy to use coupons to pay for your groceries instead of your hard earned money. Simple 5-Minute, 4 Step Process Do this before you head to the checkout so that your cashier loves you!

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Organize Your Stuff

Are you tired of living in chaos? Don’t know where to start? Ready to have a place for everything? Peace of mind? The space to relax so you have time for more important things?

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

[$497 Value! 9 Lessons] Have you ever thought that it would be so amazing to have a virtual assistant (aka VA)? Do you even know what a virtual assistant is or what they can do for you? Did you wonder how to go about finding one, preparing yourself and your business for one, hiring one, training one, working with one, budgeting for one, or even how to hire one as an intern? Well, this is the training for you! It's the step by step process to all of that and more. There's even training or your VA once you do hire them!

Business Strategy Planner and Tracker

[$497 Value! Video Instructors Plus Google Doc Access to Reusable Multiple Page Template!] Do you know where your clients are coming from? How much is each client worth? How are you going to reach your annual income goals? Do you know where your hard earned money is going? Is your business running at 100%? Are you sure? Here is an awesome tool that will help you find out the answers to these questions and many more!

Virtual Assistant Labs

[$2,000 Value! 69 Lessons! Includes video, audio, downloads, worksheets, and more!] Step by step training to become a virtual assistant from your home. Learn everything you need to know and interact with other VAs who are in the course as well. Don't miss the monthly LIVE OFFICE HOURS where you get the individual coaching you need and have your questions answered by your trainer, Sheila J Davis.