Kathie Thomas – Founder of VA Industry in Australia, VA Coach, Author, Speaker

Interview with Kathie Thomas an amazing virtual assistant and mentor! Look below for Kathie’s credentials and contact info! — You don’t want to miss this interview. Kathie and Sheila, of LeapFrogVA Network, have a chat about Kathie’s businesses, her amazing network of over 14,000 VA’s from 11 countries, how she got started and what invaluable advice she has for VA’s around the world. Also, watch for the cat in the background, kids sounds, and all the signs that they are both at home and loving being VA’s.

Susan Mershon, Techie Mentor

Susan Mershon is a VA Coach, Technology Trainer, & Speaker who helps virtual assistants & solopreneurs multiply their income by simplifying technology through training and coaching. Find out more about Susan and what she offers here: http://ow.ly/ry513

Sue B. Zimmerman, Instagram Gal

All about Instagram and hashtags with my friend Sue!!

Marisa Murgatroyd, Live Your Message

Marisa Murgatroyd, founder of Live Your Message and Hidden Story Power talks to me about Strategic Planning for your business. She tells us how she does it and gives some invaluable advice! We also talk about coaching, training, mentoring, and consulting as well as how to receive and put to work all that we learn. Check out Marisa’s page on our site for more information and how to get in touch with her! http://ow.ly/ry4Yk

Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Association

Carrie Green is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and I am thrilled that she was able to join me and my partner, Michelle Gibson, for an interview. We talked about how she went from being in Law School, knowing nothing about business, going to night school to learn web design, and then finally started the Female Entrepreneur Association. Here videos are an uplifting and encouraging at the very least! Helpful and informative also. Be sure to like her page on our site for all of the details on how to get in touch with Carrie! http://ow.ly/ry55s

Kim Garst, CEO Boom! Social

It was my sincere pleasure to interview Kim Garst today about Google+. Be sure to listen to how it can help Virtual Assistants as well as Small Business Owners everywhere. Learn about why Google+ is important, how to get engagement, does it help with SEO, differences between personal pages and business pages, and simply how it can help your business? Be sure to check out Kim’s page on our site for all of her contact details and everything mentioned in the interview! http://ow.ly/ry5aC

**Little tip for when you do your interviews on Google+ Hangouts… don’t lock the screen! I locked the screen so I wouldn’t have to look at myself talking, but that made it so the recording didn’t switch back and forth for the recording. Learn something new every day!


You are a highly sought after VA and you’ve got the perfect team… what’s next for you and your future?


At some point, you may find yourself burned out and working 60-70 hours a week. Or you may find that many of your clients are asking you for services you don’t provide. Both of these reasons and many others may make you think it’s time for a team.


Once things are going really well, it’s time to start thinking about raising your rates. When do you know it’s time and how do you make this change and how do you keep your clients when you do?


So you’ve had a few clients and things are going pretty smoothly. You know exactly who your ideal client is, you have your systems in place, you’ve built the perfect sales funnel… now what? Is it time to grow? If so, what’s next?