Rob Aubry, Experienced Real Estate Agent

Rob is a Broker who works with many agents under him. He doesn’t have an office and all of his agents are very independent from him. He shares with us what he would expect to have from an assistant.

Joe Neuman, Experienced Real Estate Agent

Joe is a real estate agent with Keller Williams. He is super techie and expects a lot from an assistant.


What do you need to have to start and build a REVA business? What should I look for in a real estate client avatar? How do you market to and network with agents and find one to work with? PLUS more about your REVA business…


How do I network with agents? How do I work with multiple agents? What are the rules? What policies and procedures should I follow and other misc. questions that you’ll find helpful to know the answers to.


What systems and software do you need to be a REVA? What’s the difference between an in-house assistant and a virtual assistant for agents? How can a VA compete? And more about marketing!


What is a REVA? What kind of real estate agents are there? Do you need a real estate license? What do agents expect? This video will answer those questions and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Academy cost?

I’m keeping the price as low as possible at only $10 per month!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at anytime. When you cancel you will lose access to the Academy and be removed from the Mastermind group. Your card will no longer be charged.

Why is the price so low?

I wanted to keep the price low so that any VA in the world could afford this valuable training. My goal is to help thousands of VAs build a profitable and successful business for a low price, instead of helping just a few for a much higher price.

Will the price ever go up? What happens if it does?

Yes. It is possible that the price will go up by the end of 2016. If you want to keep the lower rate of $10/mo you will have it through a price increase, unless you cancel and return. When you return you will pay the increased rate.

How long have you been helping VAs?

I started out as a VA in 2011 and very quickly found that I was a fish put back into water! haha! I love the VA industry and it seemed to come naturally to me. I learned and grew my business from 8 clients in my first week to now having a steady flow of clients. I have helped hundreds of VA through mentoring and coaching since 2012. As my skills have grown and I’ve helped other entrepreneurs outside of the VA industry I’ve learned a ton that VAs aren’t being taught in other Academy’s, including digital marketing, sales funnels, launching, strategic planning and more that will help VAs build even bigger and more profitable businesses. I’d love to help you!

Can I start any time?
YES! When you first sign up you will have instant access to the first two modules. Then every 7 days new content will be added to your account. In just one hour each morning you will be able to build your own Successful & Profitable VA business! It’s go at your own pace with loads of extensive training that is being added to every week! The course is set up to walk you through building your VA business in the proper order to have the most success. Be sure to listen or watch any of the Office Hours replays as you are doing the modules. Also, remember that we are all available in the Mastermind Group for any questions or struggles you have as well as sharing in your successes!

Is my account billed automatically? If so, when?

Yes. The account you use to sign up for the Academy will be automatically charged every 30 days until you cancel.

How do I cancel?

Once you cancel you will lose access to the Academy as well as the Mastermind group. If you choose to return to the Academy you will lose any discount you received when you first signed up.  Click Here to cancel.

Where can I go if I have questions or need support?

Brilliant & Simple Pricing Strategies

8/30/2016 Replay (Skip to min 12:00 about to start.)

Templates & Checklists

Bradley Benner, Google Hangouts & SEO

Bradley is the owner of Big Bamboo Marketing and he knows more about Google, Google+, and Google+ Hangouts than anyone I know! He is a local SEO expert as well. I’ve seen him take a local business page and get it ranked to the top of local Google search in less than a week!