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Are you tired of saying, "No" all the time?

"No, you can't eat that cookie!"

"No, you can't have that fun thing you want!"

"No, you can't do this... or that... or the other thing either!"

Have you noticed that the world just seems to be getting more and more negative?

Well, here at YES! Women's Network, we want you to start saying "YES!"

"YES! I can choose to be healthy!"

"YES! I can save and plan to have that fun thing!"

"YES! I will make a way to do this... and that... and the other thing too!"

But how you ask?  How can you say YES! more?

How can you LIVE More?

How can you BE More?

How can you DO More?

It's much easier than you think... It's like Nike put it so well... "Just DO It!"

When you are in a position to make a choice, choose to find a way to say YES! so that it helps you to reach your dreams. That means, saying yes to the good things in life and focusing on the benefits of your choice, not saying no to the negative.

At first, it may seem hard, so another great thing to do is to start a gratitude journal. Every night, every morning, or when something amazing happens, write it down!

Next, tell us about it and you may win a prize!

Join us for our upcoming contest called "I Said YES!"

Send us a 10-30 second video of what you said YES! to and how it changed your life or the lives of others. Choose which category your YES! video fits into and submit it!

We are in the process of finalizing the sponsors and prizes, so for now... get on the waiting list so you will be notified when the contest starts on July 1st, 2018!

Click Here to read the rules then enter to get on the waiting list below.

We can't wait to enjoy your YES! experience!

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