Meet Sheila J Davis

Speaker | Mentor | Digital Marketer

In 2011 Sheila left the corporate world to start her own business so she could be home with her children. Since then she has had several brands, helped hundreds of women start their own businesses, and mentored many others through growing their business to the next level. In 2017 she founded YES! Women’s Network so she could create a place where women around the world could find what they need in one trusted place. Working with clients as a digital marketer she found that many women had been bamboozled out of their money and had lost their trust in hiring the help they need. Thus, YES! Women’s Network began and continues to grow.

Sheila’s Courses

“I loved working with Sheila! She was very responsive and knowledgeable. She was professional and helped me know what vision I wanted for my company! It was just what I needed to get going!” – BreeAnna Cox, Body By Bree