I Am Statements have more power than you can imagine! The I Am Statement is the motherlode of all affirmations! There is no better way to let the Universe know what you want out of your life. It’s also a great way to tell a story about yourself and it helps remind you of who you are and whom you are becoming. Find out more HERE.

The I AM Women

<center>Sheila<br />Logan</center>


Founder | Speaker
Podcaster | Facilitator

Sheila Logan is a Professional Speaker, Podcaster, Facilitator, and Business Flipper. She’s the creator of YES! Women’s Network, Lock n’ Load Marketing, and The Messy Back-End Podcast.

Sheila is a survivor! What gets her out of bed in the morning is inspiring women through sharing her personal experiences of trials that have helped her overcome darkness and rise up into the light.

She loves working with women to help them overcome trials and struggles they deal with through facilitating a change mentally, emotionally, and tactically.

We all know that the back-end is where most businesses fail. She helps entrepreneurs clean up the messy back-ends of their businesses saving them time, making them money, and leading them to succeed. Basically, she flips businesses like realtors flip houses!

Known to her friends and family as The Wonder Woman, she is a survivor on a mission with a true purpose and passion to achieve ALL THE THINGS…

<center>Nyn<br />Nageen</center>


Speaker | Author
Instructor | Coach

Nageen Riffat is a business strategist, coach & key-note speaker. Her business coaching modules are focused to identify the key steps entrepreneurs must take to advance into positions of influence and leadership.

She specializes in start-up and scale-up projects for small and mid-sized businesses. From the concept to actualization, she works every step of the way with her clients in writing a business plan, crafting a strong brand design (logo, website, marketing collaterals, etc), structuring marketing plans, ROI calculations, and many other areas to achieve phenomenal growth and success in their dream businesses.

<center>Chrystal<br />Dunn</center>


Mother of 4

My name is Chrystal Dunn, I’m a proud mom of 4, I’ve been married to my prince for almost 9 years. I enjoy sports, reading, the outdoors, and occasional video games. I love all things chocolate and will do just about anything to get out of folding and putting away laundry.

<center>Ella<br />Glasgow</center>


The Dream Ignitor
Biz & Life Coach

Ella Glasgow is a professional vocalist, speaker, biz & coach for creatives, and virtual event producer. She’s also the wife of an amazing pastry chef and mommy to a precocious 5-year-old.

Known as The Dream Ignitor, she’s on a mission to pull up on the greatness in people to help them not only uncover their dreams but help them finally know how to make it possible to bring them to life.

When her son was born in 2015, she realized that she had been holding back on her own dreams. As she looked into those precious eyes, she knew she didn’t want to one day say to him, “baby, you can do and be whatever you want to, but mommy can’t.” From that point forward, she has been working toward her dreams and working with and encouraging others to do the same.

<center>Sohma Rae<br />Hathaway</center>

Sohma Rae

Author | Artist
Singer | Songwriter

Sohma Rae Hathaway is an artist of pen and pallet who’s budding talent was evident at age 7. Early on, she demonstrated the gift of expression through her drawings. Later she incorporated painting, poetry, singing, and songwriting. Sohma has a keen ability to recognize beauty. She became a Sterling Scholar in Art amidst challenging odds and continued to create works of art during additional hardships as an adult. Whether her artistic skills helped her cope or her painful experiences helped her dig deeper into her creativity, she doesn’t know but these experiences gave her unique insights and helped produce incredible works of art.

She is the proud mother of 4 adult children and helped raise 7 other step-children as well.

<center>Ebony<br />Haywood</center>


Writing Coach

I’m the host of Motivation To Write, a podcast where I talk to various experts who help writers and bloggers struggling with self-doubt step into their full potential. In my spare time, I enjoy reading books, watching films, and catching up with friends!

<center>Madi<br />Logan</center>


Wife | Foster Mother
Teacher | Artist | Musician

Madie Logan is one who wears many hats. She’s a teacher, a student, a wife, a foster mother, an advisor, a coworker, an artist, a Latter-Day Saint, a musician, and a friend. She loves to be creative whether to solve a tricky behavior problem in the classroom or finding the perfect chord to use in a song. Madie is all for the adventures of life’s journey. Her motto is to enjoy the little things. She thrives on pizza and laughter and serving others through friendship and empathy. Madie is one who relies on God for each step of the path of life. Her life hasn’t turned out how she planned it…it is infinitely better. She had her plan but it was myopic compared to her potential. Because of Gods guiding hand, her life has been challenging, yet it was what she needed to be truly happy.

<center>AJ<br />Bryant</centerr>


Writer | Copywriter

Amy Bryant, who writes under her initials, AJ Bryant, has been writing and publishing since
elementary school. With a bachelor’s in communications, Amy’s internship and professional public
relations experience including building, storyboarding and writing the script for a campaign

Amy is currently working with the Wounded Warrior Project to launch a series of classes,
where she will be teaching veterans how to write their own autobiographies. Amy is also a trained
transcriptionist and has done doctoral and legal transcription for three years.

<center>Abby<br />Stephens</center>


Motivational Speaker

One week prior to getting married Abby Stephens was in a life-altering car accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. What happened then can only be called a miracle! Even though Abby was told she would live only a few years on a breathing tube and never walk again, she did WALK again! She walked right out of the hospital only 3 months after the accident. She has been telling her story ever since, helping others understand that anything is possible with faith, a positive attitude, and determination!

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