Did you know that by writing 150 guest posts, Buffer grew from 0 to 100,000 users in 9 months? Wow! That’s crazy! But you can do it too. Plus… you can support and help grow along with the blogs you partner with.

You can inspire others with your story! When I share my story, I’m always surprised at the reactions. I get asked, “How are you still smiling?” “How can you be so happy?” “How did you survive?” Then I hear them say that my story inspired them… that’s when I know that I have to share my story again and again. I love inspiring women!

The best way to share your story and get your name everywhere is by creating really valuable content – even though it’s not on your site.

This strategy accounted for over 70% of Buffer’s daily signups!

You need to be everywhere to be found and make a difference. Providing valuable stories and content on other sites outside of your own will help you build a growing and engaging audience. Once they know, like, and trust you, you can then market your product or service to them.

We would love for you to join YES! Women’s Network as a guest blogger.

YES! Women’s Network is all about helping women around the world connect with each other, support each other, and help each other in business and in personal development.


  • Expand your brand
  • Inspire
  • Get in front of our established community
  • Have our help spreading the word about your post
  • Adds back-links to your website
  • Generate traffic to your offerings
  • Become an affiliate with YES! and earn
  • Grow your email list
  • Grow your influence
  • Gain credibility

What We’re Looking For

  • Fresh new content that is not published anywhere else
  • Stories of success and overcoming trials
  • Personal essays, reflections, unique experiences, highly relatable stories, and humor
  • Educational articles about personal or business development
  • 900+ words but not more than 3,000
  • Valuable content that will help teach and/or uplift our audience
  • Get the conversation started and participate in our group
  • Be willing to share the post with your list and social media platforms
  • Do a Facebook live with us to promote your post
  • Send quality images to go with the post (we will add our logo, and you may also have your logo on it as well)
  • Respond to comments on the post (we will let you know when they are there)

Important Notes

  • Once the content is posted here on the site, the content may not be posted elsewhere in full or in part, unless express written permission is obtained, YES! Women’s Network is given credit, and the post is tagged.
  • Please do not submit content that is owned by another publication or website. By submitting your content, you agree that you own rights to your work and are free to publish elsewhere.
  • If you are submitting a photo or video, it needs to be high resolution and landscape size (horizontal). Please send the original photograph rather than an Instagram image.
  • We do not offer compensation for general submissions.
  • Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we only reply to posts that are accepted.
  • We are unable to respond to each submission.
  • Submitting content using the form below acknowledges that you have read and agree to these notes and the terms and conditions of our site.

Get Started

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