Finding Me

In 2017 I found that I had created a “business” that had turned into a “j.o.b.” that I was beginning to really dislike. I was sitting at a computer 15-20 hours a day trying to support my family and achieve a dream that I had lost.

When I started my business in 2011, I thought it would give me more time with my family. I also hoped it would help me find my real purpose in life as an individual. However, in the building of the business and making sure we had food on the table, I found that I had once again lost myself.

My Why

So, I found a mentor to help me find my “why” again and it felt great! During one of our meetings, my mentor asked me if I had an “I Am” Statement. I said that I didn’t and hadn’t ever heard of one before.

He shared his statement with me and my heart lept with excitement!  Could I write one of these for myself? I could feel the power from him as he shared it with me. I could tell that it made him feel powerful and that he really knew who he was deep down inside.

Who Are You?

“Who are you?” he asked.

Then he asked me… what words describe you? How would you go about writing your “I Am” Statement? Who are you?

I froze!

The only words that came into my mind were negative. The things I am NOT! The horrible things I had been told that I was or the even more horrible things I told myself on a regular basis.

I began to cry!

I was nothing.

At least that’s how I was quickly beginning to feel.

Then, he asked if he could tell me some things he saw in me.

What He Saw in Me

As the words flowed out of his mouth so easily I began to cry again. (Yep, I cry a lot! It’s part of who I am and I am okay with that.) How did he know all of these things about me? Were they true? Was that really who I was?

After I got off the call with my mentor, I started to write. I wrote down all of the things that came into my mind… mostly negative things. Then, I took the next few days to add even more to the list. Then… I burned that list!

Incredibly, I found that I wasn’t any of those horrible things that I thought I was! I was more than that! I was more brave and strong than I thought!

Like Magic!

It’s Like Magic!

Over the next 3 years, my “I Am” Statement weight heavily on me. I had several versions and I often read it and tweaked it. Finally, in October of 2021, I wrote a version that immediately made my heart sing! It was like when Garrik Ollivander gave Harry Potter the wand that made him fill with power and magic! I felt the words deep into the bottom of my heart and it filled my soul with light!

Who Are You?

Now, it’s time to find out who you are. Not just who you are now, but who you want to become. What you are capable of. How you CAN achieve your life’s purpose and live your why.

Click here to learn how to write your own I Am Statement.

My I Am Statement

I AM a lighthouse shining light across the stormy waters of life showing women who are seeking truth and light the way to safety. I am kind, loving, giving, inspirational, spiritual, confident, and beautiful. Even as the waves of life smash against me and try to tear me down, I am strong, brave, powerful, and fearless. I am empathic and intuitive. I know where and how to passionately and purposefully serve my purpose. I live every day intentionally to be me and to serve my life’s purpose as wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and mentor. I am worthy of all of the love and blessings that God gives me each day.

Click here to watch our first I Am Statement video or to submit your I Am Statement for our next video.

Inspiring Others

You’ll know when it happens… then it changes you… and you’ll never be the same! Plus, you’ll want to share it! If you find that you want to share your statement and inspire others who may need a lift, we want to hear from you! Record yourself saying your I Am Statement and send it to us at hello @ (remove the spaces) and we will consider putting it in our next I Am Statement Video so you can inspire women around the world!

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