Cortney Baker shares with us her amazing story about her life and the empowering message she has for women in every stage of life. As a young girl, she dealt with divorce and needing to take care of her older sister who suffered from multiple sclerosis until the age of 20 when she passed away. Her family was often unable to pay for the medication along with the bills and credit card payments, so she often came home to a home without power or water. When her sister passed away she dealt with her trials by eating, gaining weight between sophomore and junior year. When she was 18 she got pregnant with her first son and gave birth to him 6 months after graduating high school.

Cortney values her life and what she has learned from the trials of her past. Her positive outlook on her own life has inspired her to look at the women around her to share the things she can teach them. However much she learned when she was a teenager, she still has a profound understanding of our ability to continue learning. Beyond that, she expresses the connection she has to God and the comfort that it is to know that we will always be taken care of. She often draws strength from knowing she is never alone.

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