We are so thrilled to have the awesome duo of Elly Hurley and Helen Denney-Stone join us for Discover Your Success Online Summit, April 11-13, 2018, as well as an instructor here on YES! Women's Network. If you haven't met these brilliant marketers yet, you're missing out!

Elly and Helen are the founders of Nudge Marketing, a Marketing Training and Advisory company and Australia's leading authority in Messenger Marketing and Chatbots.

Both are well-known speakers and offer an amusing contrast of strategy and problem solving mixed with geeky knowledge without the jargon. Both are highly qualified digital marketing specialists who are OCD. That is 'Obsessive Chatbot Disorder'!

Working with business owners to create affordable, result driven marketing strategies, they provide the next frontier in marketing and customer experience, staying ahead of the curve of business technology delivering the smartest solutions for business success.



Discover the quickest and most profitable way to get in front of your customers in 2018


Get ready to discover the quickest and most profitable way to get in front of your customers in 2018!

We all know growing your business can be hard. Business owners are often time poor and struggling to generate enough leads and sales. Tired and often overwhelmed by the amount of things to learn and do! But there is a different way now, a new opportunity and That is Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbots.


People love using Facebook Messenger. In fact, 1.3 Billion people do. Your market, your customers hang out on Messenger so this is where your Business should be too!


Helen and Elly will show you how to get started with Facebook Messenger how to generate leads, shorten your sales cycle, improve your customer experience and increase your revenue. All this without a website, without emails, no landing pages, and often no ad spend.

This is a real opportunity not to be missed.



Here are a few techie how-to videos for some simple tech training. If there is something you would like to see added, just leave a comment.

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