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The Power of I Am Statements

I Am Statements have more power than you can imagine! The I Am Statement is the motherlode of all affirmations! There is no better way to let the Universe know what you want out of your life. It’s also a great way to tell a story about yourself and it helps remind you of who […]

Finding Me

In 2017 I found that I had created a “business” that had turned into a “j.o.b.” that I was beginning to really dislike. I was sitting at a computer 15-20 hours a day trying to support my family and achieve a dream that I had lost. When I started my business in 2011, I thought […]

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My Heart Beat Stopped

As I heard my 5 children come in the front door and head up the stairs my heart wrenched in physical and emotional pain. I fell to my knees and began sobbing uncontrollably. It was right then that I realized as I heard their joyful laughing voices calling “Mom! We’re Home!” that this day could […]

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Building a Food Storage On a Budget – Part 1

When I found myself single in 2010 I was very grateful for the food storage I had been building. I had 5 children and no income for 9 months. If it wasn’t for my food storage we would have gone hungry, not had laundry detergent and many other necessities that we needed. I didn’t start […]

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Turn Your Hobbies into Profits

Whether you’re saving for a family vacation or you want to buy your first house or you just want to increase your savings, you’re not alone.  It’s more important than ever to have a financial plan in place. For some that may include turning their hobbies into cash. This can be easily done with the right […]

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Double Your Income This Year

There are some simple and free ways you can immediately begin doing now to be able to increase your income right away. Once you have money coming in you can then begin working on new ways to bring in even more while already earning.  Here’s a replay of our mastermind training. *This training is specifically […]

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Statistic You May Not Know About Women

Thank you to KUTV and Fresh Living for having me on for this quick discussion. I had a ton of fun and hope to be visiting again very soon.   *Article credit to KUTV (see original post) (KUTV) Salt Lake City – Founder of YES! Women’s Network, Sheila J. Davis, joined Kari & Dave on […]