How are you feeling about the new sales funnel strategies for 2018? Have you had time to process Part 1? If not CLICK HERE and watch or read this info first so that this training will help you even more. This is the GOLD of sales funnels!


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Time to find out the HOW to do it!

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#1 Find Out What They Want

Before you find out what they want you’ll need to know WHO they are! If you don’t already know who your ideal client is then CLICK HERE to do this exercise. I cannot stress enough about why this is vital to the success of everything you do.

There are several ways to find out what your tribe wants to hear from you and January is literally the BEST time to be looking! Here are some ideas:

  • Social Media: Right now your prospects are posting all about their desires for 2018. Go through posts, pages, and groups, look at the posts/comments. You’ll see right away what they want for 2018 and learn very quickly what they want. If you can help them with it that’s a great place to start! This is how I knew that sales funnels were a huge thing on a lot of my ideal client’s lists. I thought I wouldn’t need to do more training about this, but learned very quickly that I was wrong.
  • Do a ton of free discovery calls! Get your ideal client and prospects on the phone and literally point blank ask them what they want. Those you talk to may not be interested right then in hiring you right away.  However, they will tell you what they are planning and tell you how you can help.
  • Check out what events are coming up and if your prospects are going. How? Simple! Go on FB and ASK and then look at upcoming events. You’ll be able to see who is going and who is interested.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY… LISTEN to what your prospects are saying. When you go ask on social media or when you get them on the phone just listen. Listening and not selling to them will help you learn more than you can imagine. They WANT to tell you what they need. It makes them feel better. If you give them a few tips that they can use right away at the same time, all the better! Have them follow up with a testimonial for you.
  • Look at the list of “words” people are posting as their word for 2018. These words can be used for your sales pages, on blog posts, in the names of your services, on your website, and everywhere! Your prospects will be looking for them, thinking about them, and living them on a daily basis.

How Do You Create a Funnel?

Funnels in 2017 and before all were similar to this: Opt-in page | Thank you / Upsell Page | Thank you / Upsell Page | Thank you / Upsell Page. BUT this won’t work any longer because prospects are conditioned to know that this is what you’re doing. They know that your free thing is just the beginning and it’s possible it won’t be worth giving their email away. Here’s what to do instead:

  • Share valuable information on social media via VIDEO, blog, or vlog. I highly suggest this is done on FB LIVE which works the best in my experience. FB is promoting video above everything else, especially live video. Add it to your story so it sends a notification to your followers. Be sure to notify your prospects when you’ll be going live so they can set aside the time and get excited. Remember that if you just go live without notifying people it can take up to 4 minutes for followers to jump on live.
  • It’s important that you get your prospects to follow you (personally and your business page) and get them into a group where you can speak with them. This is true for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Lists. You’ll also want them to follow your boards on Pinterest. (Each platform has it’s own way of notifications so determine what your best way is to share your message.)
  • Getting emails is still important! You’ll just have to go about it in a different way. 1) Offer a download to go along with your free training 2) Ask for it when they join your group 3) Invite them to join an email only challenge, etc. Be sure they know that you value their inbox and you will only send them what they want.
  • Invite them to click reply to any of your emails and share their thoughts with you. Let them know that by being on your list they also have access to you. This is super valuable! Don’t reply to PMs, send them to the groups or invite them to join your email list to get answers.
  • Start a membership that is low cost and dump a ton of value there. Share what’s going on in the membership in your group and on social to invite new members. Invite members to invite their friends to join them for accountability. Be sure to offer monthly and annual plans. (More in the video about why)
  • Get them on the phone to share the big value and to get them to hire you or buy your services on the higher level. Once you have shown them that you really know what you’re doing they will want to hire you. They don’t have time to learn your skill, they have to be able to provide their own services. They want to hire you to do it for them!

What’ IN the Funnel?

  • Free training – Suggested done by live video when possible
  • Free group where they can interact with you and others who have worked with you
  • Share loads of value, answer questions, find out more about what they want and how you can help
  • Show them you know what you’re doing by sharing valuable information on social, on your site, and in your membership
  • Ask them to invite their friends
  • Create a course that has everything they want in it and turn it into a membership for residual income
  • Find places to speak and share your message on other people’s platforms
  • Blog posts (including video) *Make your blog posts go VIRAL using THIS tool!
  • Be a guest on podcasts, blogs, radio, FB live, and anywhere your prospects could see you
  • Create or participate in an E-zine
  • Do your own podcast
  • Find sponsorships where you can show your support of other businesses where your prospects hang out
  • Create sponsorships for your business so others can help support what you’re doing

I hope you found these ideas helpful! I’d love to hear from you about how the new sales funnels are working for you.

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Double the Traffic Each Day

So far, we have seen our website traffic double every single day (for 5 days) since starting our FB Live Training series! Plus we have more prospects than ever reaching out via private messages and emails asking how they can help, participate, or even hire us to work with them.

Ask Me!

I know these steps will work so if you find they aren’t let’s chat! I’d love to see how I can better help you find your success and be sure that my training is top notch.


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