I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a HUGE shift in the response to sales funnels through the 2017 year. It’s time you learned about the 2018 sales funnel path if you want to succeed with the big guys.


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You know how the old sales funnel has a huge opening at the top and we are supposed to get as many prospects in that opening as we possibly can in the hopes that a few will trickle down and give us money.  We have been doing this by providing seemingly free content when in fact we are asking a lot… we are asking for access to their private email inbox.

Well, this isn’t working anymore for good reason. Here’s why and how you can get your funnels working again with even more qualified prospects than ever who are ready and willing with credit cards out and wallets open.

Have you noticed that prospects are even harder to reach? They don’t want to give their email address to anyone, even for some amazing free stuff. This makes it harder to use the old style of sales funnel.

Prospects are far more careful about what they buy and whom they buy it from than ever. They are smart and they have figured out that they don’t want to give their email to just anyone. They are even hesitant to leave comments or engage on social media because of sleazy sales folks and trolls


Well, I have a few theories that I’d like for you to consider.

#1 AMWAY (aka MLM aka Network Marketing)

That’s right… let’s go back to the days of Amway. At least those of us who are old enough to anyway. Hey, age brings wisdom! This is nothing to be ashamed of.

Back in the days of Amway people were all frenzied about the way they did sales. People they knew were getting rich… or so they made it seem.

Your friends would contact you and ask you to go to dinner with them at a wealthy friends house. Then they took you their uplines uplines upline leader who was living like a king and queen. You marveled at all they had accomplished and at how fine everything was. Then they gave you, and the other 50 people who had been invited, the schpeal about how they made their millions selling this amazing product.

Well, that only actually worked for the select few. Most people, like my parents, just lost money or made very little and maybe even lost a few friends. It’s not just Amway that did this, there are loads of other businesses that started doing this type of multi-level marketing sales.

Have you heard of Network Marketers?

Over the years this way of selling has evolved and now people are calling it “network marketing”. You’ll see them all the time in your news feed on Facebook. They are selling teeth whitening, weight loss items, patches, and other things that you won’t know anything about until you say “ME” in the comments.

They are asking vague questions like, “Who wants to earn an extra $1,000 this weekend? If so, say me in the comments.” or “What would you do with an extra $500 this weekend?” or even “I have an extra $1,000 to give away to 5 people today! Who want’s it?” They comment on your resounding “ME!” in the comments and say, “I’ll message you!” and you get all excited. Then they bombard you with a huge copy/paste “book” about how you can sell what they are selling and made the money in no time at all. It’s all very deceptive.

If you’re like me, you don’t even friend these people and if you are friends with them when they start spamming your feed you unfollow or even unfriend them.

Am I right? Are you one of these people? (There is a better way!!! Keep reading!)


Yep, I know… I’m a digital marketer and I’m now going to totally bash my own industry and what I’ve been doing for the last few years. I also know that my industry has to change and will change in 2018. Just watch… you can say you learned it here!

Have you found yourself thinking you’d get something (by entering your email) because it looked super interesting, looked like it could help, it was free, and “what the heck I can read/watch it later? so you gave them your email and then totally forgot about it until you unsubscribed because you were spammed to death?

Me too! This could lead to what is known as SOS (Shiney Object Syndrom) where you sign up for a bunch of free stuff while searching for an answer to a problem you’re having and you end up subscribed to about 50 spammers.

Do you even open them?

How many emails do you have that are unopened and free stuff that isn’t even downloaded? I have tons and tons! Thank heavens I didn’t print them all out, I probably saved an entire forest!

The problem is that it doesn’t end there! It keeps going, doesn’t it?

You immediately get redirected to a thank you page that is a mile long (have you scrolled to the bottom of one of these lately?) and you are being told to BUY NOW and this is the LAST TIME you’ll see this page ever and if you don’t buy this thing now for $7 you’ll basically be a complete failure.

Somewhere on that long page there is a small little line that says something like, “no thanks, I hate succeeding, I don’t want to make money, just give me the free thing so I can slink away back into failure…”

The fact is, and you know this even though you’re going to pay the $7 anyway, that this is NOT the last thing they want to sell you and that the next page will be just as long, just as hyped up, and once again you’ll be made to feel you’ll fail unless you now add another $40 to your purchase for this one more thing that will make all of your dreams come true.


You DO NOT have to have 10,000 people on your list or coming into the top of your very wide sales funnel to make 500 sales.

What if I told you that you could make 500 sales with only 600 people on your list or less?


There are only two things you’ll need to do in 2018 to have huge success and really make your prospects love you so much that they will buy whatever you offer them.

Are you ready?


Yep, that’s right. Prospects are so sick and tired of sleazy sales tactics, of being sold to over and over, and of not being told the entire story right up front.

Prospects don’t give away their emails so easily anymore or they are making up emails just for the “spammers” they get a free gift from.

The amazing clients that are out there waiting for you want to hear from YOU and they want to be told the truth right up front!

If you write an ebook about the top 10 things someone should do to be successful, there is no need to create a landing page with a follow up upsell page telling them “more” about the 10 things or giving them the template so they can do the 10 things.

Just give it to them!

Over the next 10 days or 10 weeks give them one of the tips and expound on it. Why should they use it? What results have others had? Show examples of how it works.

Then at the end of giving it to them either on Facebook Live, Video or post on LinkedIn, Twitter post with an image, however, you decide to share it, that’s when you ask for their email or for them to come join your group. But they can have nothing to fear, even if they don’t yet want to give you an email they can see the next one by following you.

Once prospects see that you are authentic, that you really know what you’re talking about and you’re not afraid of giving value, they are much more likely to trust you and to give you their email, money, and time.


Keep it going! Don’t stop with just giving a little and then making them pay for everything else.

Let’s take Brendon Buchard as an example.

Brandon gives away so much value you simply cannot stop yourself from giving him money. It’s kind of like “paying after the fact” really.

His book High Performance Habits gives you everything you need to know to become a high performer. He even gives you the downloads and templates he uses.

He shares stories of how he has helped others. The exact questions he asks and what to do when they are answered. He holds nothing back.

It’s the same with his paid courses. Once you do get to the point where you are buying into his membership he holds nothing back. Literally, without ever speaking with Brendon I feel like he is personally coaching me.

The value he gives is crazy valuable!


Why can you give your prospects everything and still make money and is anyone else doing it? YES! They are! I did it for a few months earlier this year and will be doing it more and more. Also, it’s not just working for me, there are some bigger names than myself doing this too. WATCH and see!

It’s simple.

First off, they are going to find so much value in listening to your videos or reading your blog posts that they can’t help themselves but buy when you’re ready to sell to them. They already know what you are doing is working for them and so they won’t even hesitate to buy from you.

Second, only the prospects who really want what you have to offer are going to contact you. Why have 9,500 people on your list who don’t want what you really have to sell? Why have that many people who don’t qualify to be your paying clients? The ones who truly know, like, and trust you are the only ones that really matter and the only ones you want on your list, following you on Facebook, or in your client roaster.

Third, once you tell them how to do what you’re so good at doing they will realize that they need your help. They are experts at what they do, but you are the expert at what you do. The prospects who can do it on their own wouldn’t hire you anyway, the prospects who don’t have the money yet will continue to learn from you and do it themselves until they do have the money, and the prospects who are really ready for success with your help will reach out even if you never ask them to reach out.

Fourth, as you teach those who can’t afford to work with you for free they will be earning money to be able to work with you! You’ll be changing lives without getting an email! How awesome would that feel?

Sales Funnels are changing!

The simple fact is that sales funnels for 2018 are changing FAST and you don’t have to work so hard to get prospects.

There is no need to create loads of sales pages anymore or have hundreds of thousands on your list. All you need is a social media account, a blog, and a website where they can find you. Certainly, you’ll want a way for prospects to give you their email, but from now on you’ll only have prospects on your list who truly believe in you.

  • Imagine the open rate when you have 9,500 people who love you as opposed to 9,500 people who aren’t quite sure why they signed up in the first place?
  • Imagine selling to 9,500 people, not to only 500.
  • Imagine your prospects sharing your content without you even asking!
  • Imagine prospects contacting you before you even say anything about what you are selling.

Try it and let me know how it works for you! Join my group at https://facebook.com/groups/yeswomensnetwork and tell me what you’ll be sharing with your tribe. Maybe I’ll even be one of your next prospects.


I’ve worked with hundreds of online coaches over the last few years. Many of these can boast they have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands on their list. What they don’t tell you is that 80-90% of these aren’t even qualified to hire them or you, they have a very low open rate, a very large percentage have unsubscribed but they still show on the list because they haven’t been removed even though they cannot be sent an email legally, and/or they would never buy from the coach they just signed up for the free stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with these coaches or their lists in 2017 and before. They followed the rules to got loads of prospects in the funnel and then weeded them out to the few who would buy. That’s the old way of doing things.

But, this will no longer work. When asking someone how many people they have on their list ask what their open rate is, how many of those are actual paying clients, how many are unsubscribed or unconfirmed, how often do they email their list, and how many unsubscribes they get on a regular basis. If they don’t have a clean list with a 70% or more open rate… reconsider. These questions will tell you about the quality of their list. You may be surprised.

2018 is the year of the quality list, not the large list.

Join us for more live training in the group: https://facebook.com/groups/yeswomensnetwork

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